About Drop Crate, LLC


There comes a point in time when a personal passion becomes more then just a hobby. When you have too many great ideas, and too much stuff, to just keep to yourself. When tool boxes become rolling bins... Welcome to Drop Crate.

We are a family run business based in North Texas. We use our diverse backgrounds in Technology, Arts, Tooling, Design and the Outdoors to come up with creative, outside of the box products. Innovative solutions to what we see as everyday issues. We are working on many unique products to support passionate shooters like ourselves. Our focus has been on the everyday shooter, the concealed carry owner, and the well prepared citizen.

Being an adventurous group we plan to launch many specialized and custom solutions; not just products that have mass appeal and proven demand. We want to inspire you as much as it does us: Specialized Kydex holsters, vehicle based solutions, 3D targets, edged weapons and many more items we will announce later.

dropcrate custom kydex holster

dropcrate custom kydex holster


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