Airtronic produces an RPG-7 for the US Military (with minor design inputs from the original)

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The most famous individual anti-armor weapon in history is now in U.S. hands. Airtronic USA is announcing their production of the RPG –7  (Russian: РПГ-7) rocket-propelled grenade launcher along with a complete complement of ammunition – all manufactured in United States facilities. The Airtronic USA product is a combination of the simplicity of action and operation of the original RPG-7 design matched with American manufacturing precision and technology.

  • Mil-Std-1913 Quad Rail System mounted both front and rear
  • flip-up BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights)
  • AR-15 Carbine-type Vertical grip positioned to the rear
  • AR-15/M16 Pistol Grip
  • M4/M4A1 Carbine Collapsible/Telescoping Buttstock

I wonder if Airtronic's coffee even got cold before they had sketch this thing together. Proof positive that adding a Rail system, Aimpoint and collapsible stock will make just about anything sexy.

David Crane from Defense Review notes a few advantages of the RPG-7:

First, the size of the RPG-7s warhead/projectile is not limited to the size of the launcher tube, so you can use variable-size warheads that carry more payload and greater penetrative capability than an M72 LAW (Light Anti-Tank Weapon a.k.a. Light Anti-Armor Weapon) 66mm HEAT warhead. Second, the RPG-7s reloadable/reusable aspect allows the user to carry a quiver of different types of RPG rounds (i.e. standard HEAT warhead, dual-HEAT warhead, and thermobaric rocket-propelled grenades) on his back and quickly choose the best one for the job, load it, fire it at the target, and then reach back and grab the next one in the quiver (or have his buddy grab it for him), load it, and fire it again, which may offer some tactical advantages over carrying multiple disposable rocket launchers on his back. And third, both the the RPG-7 and enhanced-armor-penetration-capable RPG-29 Vampir (Vampire) recoilless rifles respective launcher tubes, ammunition (grenade rounds), and training requirements are significantly less expensive than the U.S. militarys closest equivalents...


Here is an image of the classic RPG




Here is an image of the Airtronic RPG-7-USA. Notice many familiarities with the standard M4 rifle.

airtronic rpg-7 usa


I would hate to be the first Marine to pop up out of the grass with one of these on my shoulder. Perhaps it would be safer if you attached a 4' US flag to the top rail.


Airtronic USA RPG-7-USA Press Release (MS Word Format)
Airtronic USA RPG-7-USA Spec Drawing (PDF Format).
Airtronic USA RPG-7-USA Multiview Drawings (MS Word Format)

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