AITs will cost over $2 Billion; TSA is wasteful spending without a point

Submitted by admin on Tue, 12/21/2010 - 22:39

So despite the fact that the TSA fails to stop loaded guns from being carried onboard a plane they insist on the need to spend billions of dollars on naked body scanners.



A GAO Report from March 2010 says that:

GAO estimates increases in staffing costs alone due to doubling the number of AITs that TSA plans to deploy could add up to $2.4 billion over its expected service life. While GAO recognizes that TSA is attempting to address a vulnerability exposed by the December 2009 attempted attack, a cost-benefit analysis is important..

Cost benefit analysis they say. Well lets see if I can't do one on my very own:

  1. Just last week a man forgot that he had a loaded Glock in his carry on bag. Appearantly the TSA forgot too, because he made it all of the way to Houston. What makes it even funnier is that he is Iranian and named Farid Seif . The crazy part is that this isn't new. Secret security testing of the TSA shows that they miss 20 out of 22 fake guns or bombs! ( story)
  2. Several weeks ago a man tried to open the emergency door of an aircraft while in flight. So scanners and pat downs can't stop them all.
  3. A new poll shows that the TSA has the worst customer service of the travel industry. And not just due to the pat downs or scanners, "their customer service is incompetent, unresponsive, or non-existent that they exceed the worst I’ve experienced from any airline or hotel.” via
  4. Despite a projected cost of over $2 billion the AIT naked scanners are easily defeated. Terrorists can hide items inside of body cavities or pack PETN explosives into "pancakes" that aren't visible to the scanners.
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