ATF is a no show for Senate hearings

Submitted by admin on Wed, 03/30/2011 - 22:54

Well at least one good thing will come out of this whole ATF 'Project Gun Runner' scandale...

The gunwalking investigation may also have derailed any chance for Andrew Traver, President Obama's nominee to be the permanent head of the ATF, to have confirmation hearings anytime soon. Mr. Obama made Melson, a former Justice Department attorney, acting director in April 2009. Sources on the Senate Judiciary Committee believed confirmation hearings for Traver were about to be scheduled before the gunwalking scandal broke. Now, they believe confirmation hearings for Traver will not happen in the near future. CBS News Website

Since the ATF decided to not show up for questioning it sounds like Congress plans to return the favor by not showing up to Traver's confirmation.

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