Canadian Cop Shows True Skill By Shooting Unarmed Teen in Face with Taser

Submitted by admin on Sun, 09/25/2011 - 00:12

This cop from London, Ontario was captured on YouTube showing some real shooting skills. This guys will definately get a promotion but honestly I am looking forward to his face being on next year's Top Shots. This kind of shooting takes some real skill and balls. If you watch closely you can see the cop coolly bring his sights up to target the unarmed teenager's face. Then he breaks the shot just in time to launch the 50,000 volts right into the kids cheek (CBC Canadian News).

Taser London Ontario Teenager

I mean an 'average' cop would be too afraid that their weak skills might accidently launch those razer sharp barbs into someone's eye. But not this cop because he has the ability to accurately hit the fatty cheeks of a 17 year old kid firing with one hand while on the move. Lesser cops already fear that shooting someone in the chest could result in death, like it did for over 300 people between 2001-2008 (Amnesty International). But with the kind of skill displayed in the video a cop could rather easily take what is usually a non-lethal weapon and switch it from knock out to lethal.


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