CATO video of Pro and Anti Gun Arguments

Submitted by admin on Wed, 02/09/2011 - 01:58

I know its a 90 min video. Initially I thought I would just watch a few minutes. My wife and baby had gone to bed and I wanted to watch HBO's Pacific mini series. I cracked open a micro beer from Colorado and pressed play on my web browser. And I really enjoyed the entire CATO video. Sure its a little dry and slow but I greatly enjoyed watching the arguments of intelligent speakers. Yes I even enjoyed watching the anti-gun arguments.

Here is a rough estimate of the different speakers:

  • 12min Pro gun lawyer, Alan Gura, Partner, Gura & Possessky, P.L.L.C
  • 21min Anti gun lawyer Dennis Henigan, Vice President, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. He made a lot of very clear arguments but so many of them just didn't make logical sense. I also found it interesting how much of the Brady Campaign rhetoric has changed. In this video he said they don't care if people own in the home but their focus was on CCW and enforcement of who gets a gun.
  • 31min Constitutional professor, Nelson Lund, Professor, George Mason University Law School
  • 41min Constitutional professor, Alan B. Morrison, Professor, The George Washington University Law School

After the first round each speaker gets to return for rebuttals which is even more fun to watch than the first round. Of course as lawyers and professors no one is every wrong; they just have different opinions. At 64min the Brady Lawyer says the Brady campaign is not about banning guns that they just want background checks for private sales and gun shows. But at 64min it was really fun to watch Dennis, the pro gun lawyer, set the story straight... that Brady wants to ban handguns from D.C., ban gun ranges from Chicago, and that the police can disarm citizens during Katrina. Henigan argues that the police should be able to have the ablility to deny permits based on their interviews with the permit holder's colleagues and friends. When will the police have time for any of that?


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