Civil War coded message from 1863

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The message was in a bottle that was given to the Museum of the Confederacy. Earlier this year they gave the coded message to a CIA code breaker.

"Gen'l Pemberton:

You can expect no help from this side of the river. Let Gen'l Johnston know, if possible, when you can attack the same point on the enemy's lines. Inform me also and I will endeavor to make a diversion. I have sent some caps (explosive devices). I subjoin a despatch from General Johnston."

The message is dated July 4, 1863, the date of Pemberton's surrender to Union forces led by Ulysses S. Grant, ending the Siege of Vicksburg in what historians say was a turning point midway into the Civil War.

civil war message

The code was a simple cipher where the letter where merely shifted over, similar to a substitution code but not as random.

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