eBay is banning MAGPUL PMAGS

Submitted by admin on Thu, 01/03/2013 - 16:35


Get ready for it... eBay has now decided that ANYTHING related to a PMAG is now forbidden from their website. This morning a friend of ours had their listing for a STANAG magazine pouch removed because they said it would fit a "PMAG". The nylon mag POUCH was removed. I called eBay to confirm this and the representative said that since a PMAG 'primarily' is for 'assualt rifles' eBay is no longer allowing the sale of either PMAGs or "ANY ACCESSORY" for PMAGs. I said that PMAGs fit a variety of rifles (bolt action and pump style) and that eBay policy on accessories is that they are ok if they fit a variety of firearms (which might include 'assualt rifles').

Now just to clarify I hate eBay's policies. They are extremely hypocritical and frequently change direction. But this new policy is mind numbing. A magazine pouch is too 'dangerous' because it fits a magazine that could fit a rifle that might be defined in California as being an assualt rifle. And in the meantime they have no issue allowingClaymore Clackers to be sold.

From the eBay email:

"Parts and accessories for known assault weapons are not permitted to be listed on ebay. PMAG items and accessories for PMAG are made specifically for assault classified weapons should not be listed. It would be best to not relist this item. We acknowledge that you would like to be able to sell your items on ebay, however as similar items have been previously been removed on your account it would be best to not relist this item as continued violations of this policy may result in actions up to and including restrictions."

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