A letter for HB 681 & 750 in Texas

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There are two bills in the Texas House of Representitives seeking to expand the rights of gun owners. "HB 681 would prohibit employers from enforcing policies against the storage of lawfully-owned firearms in employees' private motor vehicles parked at work and HB 750 would allow Concealed Handgun Licenses to protect themselves on public college and university campuses" (source: NRA Blog). Sometimes it can be difficult to craft a letter explaining the feeling and personal experiences you wish to share. I decided to post this article in the hope that it might help to inspire your own letters. To find out who your Texas Representive is go to this website. Here is a copy of the letter I sent to my Representative to show my support of HB 681 & 750:

Dear ______,

I was born and raised in North Texas and I have lived in Dallas with my wife for 13 years now. Happily we have a 16 month old son. But I get monthly crime reports of home invasions and robberies in my very own neighborhood and as we all have seen on the news criminals break laws and hurt innocent people where ever they want. Simple "no-gun" policies and signs mean nothing to a criminal with deadly intentions.

I am a licensed gun owner (CHL) and my wife will too very soon. The US Supreme Court has already voiced what many Texans have long known, that we have a right given to us by both the US and Texas Constitutions to keep firearms and use them in our self defense. The right to defend myself from violent crime is not limited to my home, and while I can respect that a private business has the right to unwisely deny entry of a CHL/CCW holding employee, what I have safely and legally stored my personal vehicle does not belong to them.

In this great State of Texas we are not packed like some east coast tuna can. When I was young and on a farm we drove 20 miles one way for Sunday service. As a young married man I drove 60 miles round trip every day to attend the University of Texas at Dallas. Violent criminals choose the time and place of their actions but sadly citizens are left to merely prepare and react. Being told that a licensed citizen can not store a firearm in their parked car is denying them the right to self defense not just on that single cold dark parking lot but for the miles of open country and the day's worth of chores we face after leaving our homes.

Please support HB 681 & 750 so that Texans will not be denied the right to defend themselves simply because the course of a day's journey takes their truck on to some un-friendly piece of concrete.

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