Man stabbed in neck at a movie theater

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The criminal, Landry Boullard, used a meat thermometer to stab another movie going in the neck. Boullard had "four prior felony convictions in Los Angeles County" Why was he carrying a meat thermometer? Was it intended as a weapon? Well seeing that Boullard has "two convictions, one from 2007 and one from 2000 for possession of a firearm by a felon, a 1995 drug sales conviction and a 1990 robbery conviction" (KTLA News), we could assume that he was switching from a weapon that was illegal to one that was not.

I don't know but it does show that you can't outlaw "things" and make people safe. From the very cave man days people killed people with anything that is on hand.

Prosecutors say Boullard stabbed the victim in the neck with a digital thermometer after the victim asked a female companion of Boullard's to stop talking on her cell phone. Two Good Samaritans who intervened in the attack suffered minor injuries. Fox News

Hum. I guess I better rethink my evil "stop using your darn phone" stares.

thanks "The War on Guns"

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