Next Generation of Rebel Fighters use DIY "smart" weapons

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There is a YouTube video from Al Jazeera TV showing off incredible DIY weapons fabrication and homemade "smart" weaspons (video link at the bottom of this story).

Libyan DIY Weapons

I was stunned the first time I watched the video but then I had to remind myself that much of the new tech the US military has fielded has been off the shelf electronics. So the real truth is why aren't we EXPECTING the next generation of warfare to include something more than just cellphone triggered IEDs?

Sure today the US is fighting several wars, but face it the average enemy soldier in Afghanistan can't even read. And the US has said that much of the high end IED supplies and training has come from Iran not local knowledge. What happens when a war is conducted where the locals have advanced engineering degrees? Heck the Libyan "Chief Weapons Engineer" is a former taxi driver and they are still able to create...

  • They are taking machine guns off of the wreckage of aircraft and mounting them as gun turrents on trucks.
  • They are building their own RPGs from metal tubes and rockets salvaged from crashed planes
  • They are using a child's electric Hot Wheel jeep as a remote controlled machine gun robot
  • They have a truck mounted machine gun that is remotely controlled from within the truck's cabin via DVD style TV screens
  • They mounted a tank turrent to the back of truck using frame built from scrap metal

To think that they did all of this without any pork spending or year long solicitations. Just people working hard to protect their homes. Something else I noticed is that the Libyans have created several weapon systems for the sole purpose of PROTECTING the rebel fighter. To me this speaks volumes about the fight these people are trying to win. It represents to me that the entire chain of command is focused on INDIVIDUAL citizens and not just the expansion of their agenda. Compare that to the cold war small arms where Russia used compensators for accuracy but the resulting flash gave away the soldier's position vs the M16's flash hider that protected the US soldier's location but gave up a little in accuracy.

It appears that just as it has done for thousands of years, the face of warefare has changed once again. You really have to respect the fact that in order to protect their families the Libyan people have re-created what has taken the US military Billions of dollars to develop with bit and pieces they have laying around.

Libyan DIY Weapons

In WWII, American's gave up their silk stockings for parashutes but if ever a home defense was required the Libyans have shown the world just what is possible.

Libyan DIY Weapons

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