Not so educated reader used LIVE WWII grenades as book ends

Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/18/2011 - 03:10

The DeLand Florida bomb squad was called out to man's house to handle a rather dangerous BOOK END. It appears that for many many years a now deceased WWII vet had used live pineapple grenades as a pair of book ends. It doesn't appear that anyone was arrested but I sure would have liked to see what the bomb squad had to say to the 'avid readers' that owned those grenades. Good news I guess is that these grenades were NOT on their way to the Mexican drug war.

"a 36-year-old man who told the deputy a friend down the street gave him the hand grenade and she pulled the pin but it did not ignite." But my favorie part... "When he got home his mother told him to call police." - Fox Orlando

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