Osama Bin Laden killed by US in Pakistan

Submitted by admin on Sun, 05/01/2011 - 23:23

I just finished watching President Obama's press conference that announced the death of Osama Bin Laden. I found a few points very interesting.

  1. Last August (Aug 2010) the President was briefed on a lead that Bin Laden was hiding deep within Pakistan. So this gives us a very clear picture of the length of time it took to confirm the exact location, gather enough intel, and prep the shooters.
  2. President Obama said, "Finally last week I determined we had enough intelligence to take action. And authorized an operation to get Bin Laden." I thought this was funny because it meant that when President Obama released his birth certificate last week, he KNEW that they had already found Bin Laden. That had to make him feel pretty good.
  3. President Obama said, "A small team of Americans" was involved. Not specificially saying soldiers but the media is speculating it was JSOC.

But most of all I think this one point is very interesting... President Obama said "AFTER a fire fight they killed OBL and took custody of his body." He didn't say Bin Laden died "during" a fire fight. Now perhaps it wasn't meant this way but it certainly is read as if this Bin Laden was killed as a means to easily transport the body and not have to deal with trials.

Well now that the news media is just spitting out the same facts over and over again its time for bed.

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