Redflex sues Tempe, AZ for school money

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Redflex Traffic Systems (based in Australia) is suing Tempe for the money the city makes when its citizens 'opt out' of the often erroneous redlight tickets and choose traffic school instead. Normally they get $35.50 for every redlight ticket collected.

Redflex has filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court against the City of Tempe seeking damages in excess of $1.3 million dollars. Their claim is that Tempe is profiting off all the defensive driving courses being sold to motorists in lieu of paying Redflex the fines. CameraFraud

Redflix and its main rival ATS have suffered lately as many citizens are forcing them out by voting. Most recently in Tempe itself, Dan Gutenkauf has filed a rackteering suit against them, the local police, politicans and judges. "...the photo speed enforcement citations sent to Daniel Gutenkauf through the mail by Redflex’s back office citation program contained knowingly false representations, creating the false impression that the actual driver had been identified, in a fraudulent scheme and artifice for the purpose of obtaining money from him by false pretenses,” Gutenkauf’s filing stated.

So for pure profit and greed many local governments have deployed redlight cameras claiming an increase in safety while studies and evidence find them error prone, illegal and actually cause an increase in collisions.

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