Remington Versa Max vs Saiga

Submitted by admin on Wed, 09/05/2012 - 10:29

From an email exchange I recently had with a buddy of mine. I mentioned that the new Remington Versa Max was very exciting and he asked me why it was better than his Saiga in 12 gauge:

  1. Versa Max loads faster because you are less prone to unsuccessfully try and use a new shot shell to eject the old ones (i.e. classic AK mag change flare)
  2. Remington has "Versa Max' in the title which sounds badass... "I shoot a Saiga" sounds like a cartridge based gaming system from the 1990s.
  3. Can't shoot a Saiga prone with a 30 round mag attached
  4. Versa Max says Tactical and is sold primarily to Law enforcement... FTW (link for ben)
  5. You load a Versa Max is with the Buttstock on your hip and smoking barrel pointed to the sky... a totally badass pose
  6. You load a Saiga by rocking a metal stick into a slot while saying 'god damn it'
  7. Versa Max accepts rail attachments without needing to spend 127 hours searching for an additional $150 product that weighs 3lbs and 'clips' into place (dremel, pry bar and double sided tape not included)


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