Stop calling violent riots here in America flash mobs

Submitted by admin on Thu, 08/11/2011 - 11:09

The London Riots are just stupidness in action. But this brings me to another point ... these so called "Flash Mobs". In the USA the media likes to call VIOLENT RIOTS "Flash Mobs" I guess because it sounds safer and innocent.

Please stop. They are NOT the same thing.

flash mobs

Lets make this very clear...

Oprah or Beyonce can have a 'flash mob' ( & YouTube)

oprah flash mob

Hundreds of teenage punks beating innocent citizens is a RIOT.

flash mobs

The following are just a examples I found in 5 minutes on Google News. They all happened in the PAST 6 MONTHS right here in the USA.

  1. Violent mobs in Philly
  2. Wisconsin State Fair 100s of Attackers
  3. Greensboro attacks
  4. Violent Chicago mobs
  5. Cleveland Mob violence
  6. Mob attacks store in DC
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