Surefire reveals new double stack mags

Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/18/2011 - 02:39

Magpul errr I mean Surefire has a real beauty here. Why pinch, tape, screw and others attach two magazines when you can just have Surefire send you a MAG5 double mag? Wow this thing looks impressive. They have a 60 and 100 round capacity - Mag5. I only have one question... when will Magpul make a double magazine double clamp for this Surefire mag? Magpul has been working on a "casket style" quad stack magazine for a while now - here is a copy of Magpul's patent idea. These Surefire models are standard standard STANAG 4179 magazines so they fit like a normal mag in your rifle and will even fit a double mag MOLLE pouch! Need a more reasons to buy one of these? Then just read SureFire's "High Capacity Mags in a Firefight" article. Check you local laws but I am pretty sure they are not welcome in California.

High-Capacity Magazines

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