A-TACS Camo and other hot stuff in Transformers 3 Movie

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I really enjoyed this latest movie. It was much like the 2nd one... lots of CGI action, with a touch more plot and less stupid characters.
ATACS Camo Transformers
Of note the special forces reaction soldiers (called the NEST team) all wore ATAC camo gear. It looked great in the Urban and Russian location they were filming. I loved how the jackets didn't even "look" like camo but did blend very well.

SPOILER ALERT: don't read below if you don't want to read about movie details....

ATACS Camo Transformers

I really liked how the humans learned to take out a Decepticon. They first used a team of SEAL snipers to take out the Decepticon's eyes. Guys on the ground then planted C4 on the feet, then another team took them out with concentrated fire.

What I didn't like:

  • Rosie the new hot chick is totally totally hot (if you're into Victoria Secret super models that look 16) but had zero chemistry with Sam. At least Megan Fox was the girl next door type but this new chic was way too cosmo for Sam.
  • When the NEST team wanted to "sneak" into the Decepticon's base (downtown Chicago) they did it from V22s at like 3,000 feet tops. And of course were detected right way when instead they should have HALO'd in from 30,000 and 10 miles away. FYI... I did love that the super bad guys thought Chicago was a good place to hang out. Needless to say the civilians were not shooting back.
  • I still don't understand how rifle bullets damage a Decepticon. At least the first movie used 40MM grenade launchers.
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