A Ticking Time Bomb - The Official Report on the Fort Hood Shooting

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The four year bipartisan report of the Fort Hood shooting is finally available to read here.

All quotes from the report are in italics and indented. Note that I have marked some key points in Bold.

Here is the overall basic hightlight:

Our basic conclusion is as follows: Although neither 000 nor the FB I had specific
informat ion concerning the time, place, or nature of the attack, they collecti vely had suffic ient
information to have detected Hasan's radica lization to violent Islamist extremism but failed both
to understand and to act on it. Ou r investigat ion found specific and systemic fai lures in the
government's hand ling of the Hasan case and raises additional concern s about what may be
broader systemic issues.

It seems the FBI still doesn't have a process to flag disputes from the field for further analysis. If you recall it was the same issue with 9/11:

FBl headquarters also does not have a written plan that articulates the division of labor and hierarchy of command-and-control authorities among its headq uarters units, field offices, and the JTTFs.

In other words one the two FBI field agents "disputed the significance of Hasan' s communications with the Suspected Terrorists"  it only took one office to end the inquiry pre-maturely.

This is interesting. Something that most people knew but a view to the changing face of terrorism:

In the past, face-to-face interactions were essential for violent Isla mist extremist groups to identify followers and to facilitate the radicalization process. However, face-to-face interactions have begun to be replaced by the internet as the primary means by which violent Islamist extrem ism has spread globally.... The homegrown terrorist threat also has become "diversified" in two ways, which has helped cause the number of attacks to reach its current peak over the last two years:

First, the need for interaction between individual terrorists and outside groups is
evolving... As the Committee warned in its 2008 report, lone wo lf terrorists present a unique
problem for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Second, the threat is diverse because there continues to exist no single profile of violent
Islamist extremists, especially in the United States where indi vidual s from various backgrounds
have gravitated to violent Islamist extremism.


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