Wikileaks - time to share and share alike

Submitted by admin on Sat, 12/11/2010 - 02:11

Here are a few perspectives on the Wikileaks' Cable posts. Grits for Breakfast has some great research and comments on how the Mexico leaks point to why the Mexican government has failed in their war with drugs. He references a great post over at CNN which says only about 2% of those arrested by the Mexican military actually get prosecuted. "Catch & release" doesn't work well for law enforcement or WROL.

There was too much emphasis in the initial planning on equipment, which they now know is slow to arrive and even slower to be of direct utility in the fight against the DTOs. Of more immediate importance is building institutions that can effectively use the equipment.

Jon Stewart interviewed General Hugh Shelton and asked his opinion of the wikileaks (6:50 into the interview).  Shelton said that while the info isn't really that secret it hurts America because other countries will be less likely to share intel.

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