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Utah man honoured as Utah's Official State gun

Submitted by admin on Fri, 01/28/2011 - 14:06

Legislators in Utah are celebrating John M. Browning Day (the 100th anniversary of the Model 1911 handgun) in a very special way. They are asking the state to adopt the 1911 handgun, which was invented by the late Ogden resident, as the state's official gun. State's across the Union choose items of special local importance as symbols of their State's heritage.

BBC shows off the paper that fooled Hitler

Submitted by admin on Fri, 01/28/2011 - 13:41

The BBC has released a copy of the memo that told the Allies that Hilter had fallen for their elaborate ruse building up to D-Day. This story reads like a WWII spy novel and details how the Allies actually leaked to German High Command the actual Normandy landing just 6 days before the attack so their double agent could then throw the biggest trick of all; Operation Fortitude - that the main attack was yet to come and it was landing in France. The double agent was one of the very few people given BOTH the Iron Cross and MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire)

I am setting my DVR for this series right now. Called Kidnap & Rescue on the Discovery Channel and from the trailer it looks good. Presented as a factual documentary piece, it looks riveting enough to be an action drama. It is "inside look at the true stories of abduction, rescue and recovery told in first person by the operators who risk their lives to bring these victims home". It kind of reminds me of the movie Taken.

Video from the Moscow Airport Bombing

Submitted by admin on Mon, 01/24/2011 - 16:57

Reports say that one or two suicide bombers killed over 30 people and injured over 100 more. They targeted the internation arrivals lobby since this area would have the highest concentration of people with no form of security. Russian news says the blasts was equal to 5 kg of TNT and that the bomb was packed with metal objects to cause maximum damage.

Man stabbed in neck at a movie theater

Submitted by admin on Mon, 01/24/2011 - 16:41

The criminal, Landry Boullard, used a meat thermometer to stab another movie going in the neck. Boullard had "four prior felony convictions in Los Angeles County" Why was he carrying a meat thermometer? Was it intended as a weapon?

Not so educated reader used LIVE WWII grenades as book ends

Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/18/2011 - 03:10

The DeLand Florida bomb squad was called out to man's house to handle a rather dangerous BOOK END. It appears that for many many years a now deceased WWII vet had used live pineapple grenades as a pair of book ends. It doesn't appear that anyone was arrested but I sure would have liked to see what the bomb squad had to say to the 'avid readers' that owned those grenades. Good news I guess is that these grenades were NOT on their way to the Mexican drug war...

Surefire reveals new double stack mags

Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/18/2011 - 02:39

Magpul errr I mean Surefire has a real beauty here. Why pinch, tape, screw and others attach two magazines when you can just have Surefire send you a MAG5 double mag? Wow this thing looks impressive. They have a 60 and 100 round capacity - Mag5. I only have one question... when will Magpul make a double magazine double clamp for this Surefire mag? Magpul has been working on a "casket style" quad stack magazine for a while now - here is a copy of Magpul's patent idea.

S&W reveals new .410 pistol at ShotShow

Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/18/2011 - 02:27

This new pistol is designed to compete against the Judge. I think these would make great car guns where you could load the first couple of rounds with #2 shot for close in defense and then it would switch to maybe the 45 Colt.

The most famous individual anti-armor weapon in history is now in U.S. hands. Airtronic USA is announcing their production of the RPG –7 (Russian: РПГ-7) rocket-propelled grenade launcher along with a complete complement of ammunition – all manufactured in United States facilities. The Airtronic USA product is a combination of the simplicity of action and operation of the original RPG-7 design matched with American manufacturing precision and technology.

An Uparmoured Cabin

Submitted by admin on Sat, 01/15/2011 - 09:14

Now this was built as an art piece but this is modern art that I can get into... literally! Check out DeZeen for more photos.

Vostok Cabin by Atelier Van Lieshout

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