Bad Cops

This cop from London, Ontario was captured on YouTube showing some real shooting skills. This guys will definately get a promotion but honestly I am looking forward to his face being on next year's Top Shots. This kind of shooting takes some real skill and balls. If you watch closely you can see the cop coolly bring his sights up to target the unarmed teenager's face.

Seattle Terrorists and Free Guns

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Just 2 weeks ago there were KNOWN terrorists in Seattle trying to buy weapons for attacks (STRATFOR website) and lucky for us they tried to buy those weapons from the FBI. But now the breaking story is about a rifle left on the truck on a cop car in that VERY SAME CITY. But I don't know why but no one seems to be mentioning the relevance of these two events (Seattle Examiner). We all know how stupid it was for a cop to lay their rifle on a car and walk away and then for another cop to then drive that car around town. But it become much more RELEVANT when....

Seattle Terrorists and Guns

Detriot man arrested for reading email and 13 other Ridiculous Crimes

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Glad I live in Texas. This is messed up.

The worst police misconduct videos of 2010

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Injustice Everywhere has their Top Ten worst police misconduct videos from 2010. They include everything from beatings to unjustified fatal shootings. I have seen some of these before but I also enjoyed their brief summary and updates on the cases involved.

via BBC - Hurricane Katrina: Police guilty over New Orleans death

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"Jurors convicted former officer David Warren, 47, of manslaughter for shooting Glover. Officer Greg McRae, 49, was convicted of torching Glover's body in a car and Lt. Travis McCabe, 40, was convicted of writing a false police report and lying to federal investigators."

Glover's body was burned in the car

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